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E Bike Maintenance Tips

No matter the type of motor vehicle you have, or even a general conventional bike, maintenance and upkeep are key to their longevity. When it comes to your e bike, upkeep isn’t difficult, however, there are a couple if important points to keep in mind so that your bike runs smoothly for a longer period of time. A few regular checks will help when it comes to electric bike maintenance, much like interim car services before it’s due for a major service. 

In this blog, we’ll be listing off some of the most important e bike maintenance tips so that you can better take care of your e bike, giving it the ability to last longer and save you more money on repairs and upgrades.

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Electric bike maintenance: A Guide to Longevity

How Should I Store My E Bike?

The best way to store your e bike is away from any high humidity or places where the temperature can change drastically; a cool, dry place is ideal. When it comes to the battery, it is best stored partially charged and separate from the e bike itself. If you’re storing your bike for a long period of time, ensure you keep up with regular checks and some maintenance throughout the storage period to keep it intact.

Maximise Battery Life

When it comes to e bike maintenance, taking good care of the battery is one of the best things you can do for your bikes longevity. We know that you want to get as much range out of it as possible before it looses it’s juice, and there a couple of ways to do this mindfully and wisely.

  • Use Eco Mode as often as possible
  • Consider the wind resistance
  • Top off the battery charge when you get the chance
  • Take care when handling your e bike battery

With e bike batteries, it’s best to store them between 30% and 60%, and to avoid storing them in cool environments as the cold temperatures will quickly drain the lithium. When you get the chance, charge your e bike battery to top it off, but keep in mind that storage is a different story.

Maintain Tire Care

It’s not secret that an e bike is far heavier than a conventional bike, given the motor, battery, and heavy frame, meaning it’s even more so important to take good care of the tires that carry your bike. With e bike maintenance, regular psi level checks will keep your tires running longer and topping them up just that little bit more before a ride will make the trip a smooth one. If you do ever encounter a flat though, it’ll be convenient to have an idea of how to solve the issue – this is dependent on the type of electric bike you own. Keeping replacement tires on hand at home is the best way to replace a flat tire, saving you extra money on booking a service or repairs.

Brakes and Chains

One of the best e bike maintenance tips we have to offer is to regularly check your brakes and chains, as this will give you the best chance at maintaining their durability and longevity. Before you head out for a ride, look for issues such as loose parts, excessive rotor, and pad wear, and build up of oil and/or dirt. Adjusting your brakes and lubing the chains beforehand is the best way to ensure the bikes most important parts are clean and free from grit and grime.

Regular Servicing

To keep you e bike up to the manufacturers standards, its imperative that routine servicing is maintained, generally every 1,000 kilometers, though it’s owner’s manual will have a specific time frame in which this should be done. Over time, your tires, gearbox, chain, and brake pads among other things will experience wear and tear of some sort, and leaving these problems unchecked will cause costly problems down the track. It’s encouraged that you engage a professional to take a look over your e bike, giving you the confidence in knowing it’s going to come back to you in top shape and feeling better than ever.

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