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Flatten hills effortlessly with this Urban Style foldable e-bike. Complete with "20-inch wheels and 13Ah battery that will keep you going all day.


Traffic? Hell no. With "26-inch wheels and a 250-watt motor, it's big enough to be formidable and good looking enough to catch the envious eyes of the drivers you're passing.

Merida Trek

Work now. Work whenever. Deliver food with ease with urban trekking "29-inch wheels and 16Ah battery.

Electric Bike Hire Gold Coast


As the Gold Coast grows, so does the distances for riders. Getting from A to B on a bike has become a challenge for people delivering food and commuters riding to University and work. With Gold Coast electric bike hire from Easy Ride, you’ll beat the traffic and cover ground in no time!

Easy e-bike hire

Easy Ride has created the perfect electric bike solution to suit the changing Gold Coast. With Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire and Easy Ride’s varied e-bike models to suit different riders, we’re supercharging the way people commute for business, cycle for pleasure and deliver food.



Renting an Electric bike with Easy Ride made my job more enjoyable, I make more money and feel less tired. The battery last many hours and I don't worry about hills with the powerful motor! The store has lots of different bike models, all Accessories are included. Maintenance is FREE & convenient.

Great service!

Vinicius Bastos, [Brazilian]


Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire


Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire





Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire

Easy Ride was born out of the necessity to create a service that made access to e-bikes and alternative transport more accessible than ever. It’s a service that not only helps save money by reducing travel costs, creates employment opportunities for delivery riders, but also improves the environment by minimising the carbon footprint of riders on the Gold Coast. Choose Easy Ride for your Gold Coast electric bike hire.

Gold Coast


Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire





Maximising Deliveries with Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire

Easy Ride’s Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire is on a mission to transform the way commuters think about transport. We’re motivating riders to have fun zooming up hills. We’re helping delivery riders to up their business game with faster travel times allowing them to deliver more food, more efficiently. And, with Gold Coast electric bike hire, we’re encouraging riders to travel further in less time, replacing the fear of traffic with enthusiasm to get riding!


Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire

need accessories?

No worries, we have got it

Easy Ride’s Gold Coast electric bike hire boasts a portfolio of leading e-bike models. From the Callisto, an Urban Style foldable e-bike complete with 20-inch wheels and a 13Ah battery to the Mars e-bike boasting 26-inch wheels and a 250-watt motor to the Merida Trek with its 29-inch wheels and 16Ah battery.


Gold Coast Electric Bike Hire


Affordable Electric Bike Hire Gold Coast

With so much sight-seeing to be done on the Gold Coast from the comfort of two wheels, and more businesses and residents seeking delivery services, Gold Coast electric bike hire from Easy Ride is the only way forward. Let us electrify your e-bike riding journey with our reliable, affordable e-bike options. We offer convenient drop-off and pick up services, easy maintenance and bike accessories for ease-of-use and safety. Book yours here today.