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Flatten hills effortlessly with this Urban Style foldable e-bike. Complete with "20-inch wheels and 13Ah battery that will keep you going all day.


Traffic? Hell no. With "26-inch wheels and a 250-watt motor, it's big enough to be formidable and good looking enough to catch the envious eyes of the drivers you're passing.

Merida Trek

Work now. Work whenever. Deliver food with ease with urban trekking "29-inch wheels and 16Ah battery.

Make It Easy With Our Gold Coast Electric Bike Rental Service

Once upon a sunny day on the Gold Coast, getting from point A to B was easy for delivery persons, tourists, cycling enthusiasts and motorists. However, with the rise of city buildings, an increase in residents and new suburbs, there are new challenges for bike riders. While getting around town has become more time consuming and frustrating, Gold Coast electric bike rental from Easy Ride offers a convenient solution.



Renting an Electric bike with Easy Ride made my job more enjoyable, I make more money and feel less tired. The battery last many hours and I don't worry about hills with the powerful motor! The store has lots of different bike models, all Accessories are included. Maintenance is FREE & convenient.

Great service!

Vinicius Bastos, [Brazilian]


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Uber Eats Delivery

Easy Ride was born out of the necessity to create an affordable, eco-friendly, easier transport alternative for those getting around the city and beyond. Now, delivery riders can enjoy faster times between delivery, commuters can make it to the office ahead of time without breaking a sweat with Gold Coast electric bike rental.


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Maximise Deliveries With Gold Coast Electric Bike Rental

To top it off, it's never been more fun to travel on the Gold Coast. No matter the point of departure or the destination, you’ll be able to find a bike model that serves your every need. Choose from our Gold Coast electric bike rental range of leading e-bike models including the Callisto, an Urban Style foldable e-bike complete with 20-inch wheels and a 13Ah battery; the Mars e-bike boasting 26-inch wheels and a 250-watt motor; and the Merida Trek with its 29-inch wheels and 16Ah battery.


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No worries, we have got it

Easy Ride’s e-bike models are reliable, so travelling from different locations on the Gold Coast won’t leave you broken down on the side of the road. Gold Coast electric bike rental from Easy Ride offers e-bike in-house maintenance services and also provides convenient pick-up and drop off as well.




Let’s get you out riding! Choose Gold Coast electric bike rental from Easy Ride and book in the model of your choice today. Contact Us