How to rent my ride?

Best E-Bikes, Great Prices, All Accessories Included, Free General maintenance.

We are open 6 days/week. Here to help you with your bike.


1. Choose your ride




Flatten hills effortlessly with this Urban Style foldable e-bike. Complete with "20-inch wheels and 13Ah battery that will keep you going all day.



Traffic? Hell no. With "26-inch wheels and a 250-watt motor, it's big enough to be formidable and good looking enough to catch the envious eyes of the drivers you're passing.



Work now. Work whenever. Deliver food with ease with urban trekking "29-inch wheels and a Long lasting 16Ah battery.

Accessories INCLUDED in every Easy Ride rental: Large, medium or small size Helmet, a secure bike lock, anti-theft Security alarm system, phone holder, comfortable seat for long rides and front & back lights for night time riding. Everything you need is at Easy Ride!



2. Choose your plan

Decide the number of weeks you require your ride - enter the start and finish date into the calendar (keep in mind the longer the rental period the lower the price)
(minimum 4 weeks electric bike rental)


Callisto Bike 20"

4 WEEKS = $65/week

8 WEEKS* = $60/week


29" Merida BIG 9/ Merida Crossway 27.5"

4 WEEKS = $75/week

8 WEEKS* = $70/week 




MARS Bike 26"
4 WEEKS = $70/week
8 WEEKS* = $65/week     









3. Add your details

Enter your delivery address and contact details. Included in the rental is bike helmet, bike lock, antitheft GPS and alarm system.