E-Glide G30 Kids Electric Scooter

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The E Glide 63O Kids Electric Scooter is perfect for teens and makes a great first electric scooter, offering two-speed modes and a maximum range of 20km, ensuring a fun but safe ride. This scooter is perfect for riding around the streets, trips to school or can be packed up for a trip riding along a beach boulevard. With a weight of just 11.5kg, the E- Glide is easy to fold and carry, making it perfect for public transport. It also comes equipped with a bright display, which shows battery level and speed.

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Why choose the E Glide 630 Kids Electric Scooter?

Water Resistant
The E Glide 630 Kids Electric Scooter is water resistant, easily withstanding puddles or rain.

This scooter is one of the lightest on the market and uses a simple latch mechanism to fold with ease.

Safe Speed Mode
Fast enough to be fun but not too much to get into trouble, the E Glide 630 is perfect for zooming around the neighbourhood. It comes with a 250W motor and two power modes.

Easy to Store
Due to its folding mechanism, this scooter can easily be stored in a room without taking much space.

Buy the E Glide 630 Kids Electric Scooter
The E Glide 630 Kids Electric Scooter is the perfect present for a teen that loves the outdoors, providing the perfect mode of transport to and from school or for weekend fun. You can order from our e scooter shop online or pop into our store located at Shop 4/226 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill QLD, 4000 to test ride our scooters in person. Or if you have questions about the E Glide 630, you can give us a call on 0434 413 679 to chat with a scooter specialist today.

Browse our range of E Glide electric scooters today or feel free to give us a call on 0434 413 679 if you have any questions.

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