Inokim OX Balance Electric Scooter – Black

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The Inokim OX Balance electric scooter has a powerful 800W brushless motor, propelling the OX Balance with incredible power. Including a range of up to 58km and superior ability to climb steep hills, the Inokim OX Balance electric scooter makes for tough, resilient ride. It also comes standard with dual disc brakes for superior stopping power and big sturdy wheels, giving you excellent off-road capability.

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Inokim Ox Balance Electric Scooter benefits

Eco friendly

The Inokim Ox Balance Electric Scooter is fun to ride, and much more affordable than cars, whilst still providing an exciting way to get around town. These scooters are quite friendly to the environment because they run on batteries and naturally produce zero emissions.


With the rising cost of living nowadays, it’s no wonder that more people are looking into using an electric scooter as their means of transportation. Electric scooters are cost-effective for you since they don’t require fuel. Also, you won’t have to wait in the petrol station lines or waste money on oil changes, repairs, maintenance, and car registration fees.

Good for health

Electric scooters help keep you fit by stimulating your heart, lungs, and muscles to work harder. They are convenient to use around the city at a cost so low that many commuters use them instead of cars. Their quietness makes them suitable for use both day and night. By choosing an Inokim Ox Balance Electric Scooter over other transport methods, you are helping reduce congestion on the road, pollution, demand for parking spaces in congested cities, and contributing to the wellbeing of the city’s inhabitants by creating healthy, environmentally friendly travel choices.

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