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Electric Bike Service and Repairs

Servicing and repairs are an important aspect in maintaining your electric scooters longevity and quality of life. Investing in a device like this is a long-term commitment you make to ensure it’s always in working order, and can get you from A to B safely, while making sure you’re a reliable rider on the road. At Easy Ride, we offer a list of electric bike repair and servicing, and modifications to keep your e-bike under control.

With us, it doesn’t matter what brand or model of electric bike you have, our experienced team will ensure it gets the servicing or repairs that it needs to keep you safe and your bike in working order. Feel like something is wrong? No worries. Bring your bike into our shop for a free inspection and quote. Stop searching for “electric bike repair near me” and trust that Easy Ride will service or repair your bike back to its fullest potential.

Visit our online electric bike shop today or pop into our store at Spring Hill for e-bike repair and servicing solutions, plus so much more.

Electric Bike Repair

Electric Bike Repair | Featured image for Electric Bike Repair | Service Page

From time to time, your electric bike is going to be in need of some repairs, whether it’s a new part completely or a simple fix, trust that the team at Easy Ride will take good care of your e bike repair.

We understand how popular electric bikes have become in recent times, but don’t stress, because at Easy Ride, we can take care of any make and model of bike that’s brought to our shop. As well as our electric bike repair service, we will also undertake things such as:
• Basic safety checks
• Tyre puncture repairs
• Brake issues
• Part fittings
• And so much more

Electric Bike Service & Maintenance

Electric Bike Service & Maintenance | Featured image for Electric Bike Repair | Service Page

As well as selling electric bikes, we dedicate time to ensuring they’re maintained, up-to-standard, and any potential issues are determined before they have a chance to get any worse. We know that saving money is important, which is why we thoroughly check your e bike when you engage our electric bike service.

E bike service and maintenance should be treated the same way it is with your car – by doing it regularly and on time. Issues are going to arise no matter what over time, which is why it’s best to keep on top of your servicing routine to keep your bike in adequate condition. Our team are experts in being able to identify oncoming issues, ensuring we remedy them before your bike is returned to you after your servicing appointment. Some of the common issues we see include:

  • Rusted parts
  • Stretched chains
  • Worn brake pads
  • Over greasing
  • Rusted cables
  • Misaligned gears
  • Bent derailleurs
  • And many more

Electric Bike Modifications

Electric Bike Modifications | Featured image for Electric Bike Repair | Service Page

Want to make some custom changes to your electric bike? Aside from our e bike service and repairs, we can also add modifications to your device, enhancing its street appeal and performance according to your requirements. Give us a call beforehand to ensure it’s something we can do, then bring your bike in store for a free inspection and quote!


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