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Xiaomi E Scooters

As one of the leading electric scooters on the market, Xiaomi (Mi scooter) has reigned king since its launch in 2016. Noted for its portability, quiet motor and easy handling, Xiaomi has the unique characteristics of being suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Browse our range of Xiaomi electric scooters online today or read on for reasons why Xiaomi proves to be so popular.

Why Choose Xiaomi Electric Scooters?

Easy to carry

Xiaomi electric scooters are incredibly light, making them easy to carry on public transport. Fitted with a simple folding mechanism, commuters will find Mi electric scooters a breeze to commute with. This makes them a more popular scooter option than other models, as many other competing brands don’t offer foldability and lightweight for a similar price.

Comfortable ride

Xiaomi electric scooters are comfortable to ride, offering acceleration without jerky movements. This makes it a good choice for beginner riders, as they take little experience to control properly.  Paired with solid brakes and smooth steering, a Mi scooter is fool proof choice.

Quiet ride

Xiaomi electric scooters offer silence and serenity, meaning you won’t have your ride ruined by the whirring sound of a motor. This means you can have the freedom to explore your city or commute to work in peace, allowing you to take in your surrounding views without interruption.

Competitively priced

Out of all the electric scooter options available, Xiaomi electric scooters are one of the most affordable. At prices starting well under $1000, Xiaomi scooters offer strength, speed, and durability for an unbeatable price. Opting for a Mi scooter can also save you significant money each year when compared to a car, such as fuel costs, registration, and parking. In fact, the only ongoing costs you’ll have to make with a Xiaomi e scooter is the electricity cost to charge it.

Beat the traffic

Sick of spend ages in traffic? A Mi electric scooter can fix that. This affordable electric scooter works up to five times faster than a walking speed, allowing you to get from A to B in no time at all. If you close enough to work to ride but not enough to walk, a Mi electric scooter is the perfect solution for beating that morning traffic.

Protect the environment

Cars and public transport are known for their disastrous impact on the environment, with toxic fumes being released into the atmosphere as well as greenhouse gases. With electric scooters, these effects are severely reduced, as it emits no fumes and requires no fuel to run. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly transport options available on the market.

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