Mercane Electric Scooter | WideWheel Pro | Single Motor 10Ah

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Experience All New Features & Upgrades

With upgraded display, future-focused features and complete aesthetic appeal, the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is a scooter like no other. Perfect for any trip or terrain, this foldable scooter is rivalled by very few – boasting complete convenience and rider comfort. With fast acceleration, you’ll go from cruising to top speeds within mere seconds. With a powerful set of motors and a stylish frame that’ll make you stand out, there’s no other scooter you’ll want to invest in after experiencing our exceptional Mercane.

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Mercane Electric Scooter | WhideWheel Pro | Single Motor 10Ah

Benefits of the Wide Wheel Mercane

Built for Speed

With the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro, you can now experience and enjoy accurate readings for your speed, mileage, and battery charge. With these cutting edge upgrades you’ll be able to better read your battery status on a ride with integrated voltage display. Boasting a significant step up from the 2019 model, this scooter offers 12% more capacity and features a new and improved controller which allows you to reach a high speed than ever before.

Cutting Edge Design

The design of the Wide Wheel Mercane has been specially created to stand out. The most striking feature comes in the form of the sleek and large wheels, pointing to the name of the electric scooter. The futuristic elements give this scooter more of a contemporary over modern feel, something you don’t see in many electric scooters on the road.

Key Features of the Mercane Wide Wheel

What will you take away when you buy the Mercane electric scooter? Features such as:

  • Top speeds and total power
  • Longer riding experiences in a single charge
  • A frame built for style and contemporary appeal
  • Easy acceleration, front, and rear brakes
  • Perfect control and safety features

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