Weped SMAX – 60 V 15Ah – single – 1000 watt – Gunmetal (Pickup in Store)

$3,078.00 Inc GST

The Weped SMax is as tough as it looks, as undoubtedly one of the most beautifully constructed electric scooters you’ll find on the market today. Made with machine grade aluminium and carbon fibre, with large 14-inch centre kart racing tires to match, the Weped SMax looks like something straight out of a dystopian, cyberpunk movie.

What’s unique about this Korean made scooter is that it’s designed and hand-assembled, boasting superior craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail. With many components crafted using CNC machined metals, this electric scooter is truly awe-worthy, if not a little intimidating – as is its gunmetal paint job.

The Weped SMax is the culmination of years of development and engineering, resulting in a superior scooter that can take a beating. A forward suspension, simple folding mechanism and rear cable-controlled drum brakes add to a practical ride that never compromises performance. And with large air volume tires, the Weped SMax scooter can be ridden over many obstacles at higher speeds with ease.

What can you expect with the Weped SMax?

Immense Power: A powerful motor that makes climbing steep hills and handling rough terrain a breeze.

One of a Kind: With a machine grade design, curved stem and large pneumatic tires, this scooter is made to stand out.

High speed & range: The Weped SMax can reach up to 50km (25km limit public use) with a range of 60kms per charge.

Think the Weped SMax is the perfect scooter for you? You can purchase the Weped SMax online or visit our e scooter store at Shop 4/226 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill QLD, 4000 to test ride it in person. Or if you have any questions about the electric scooters we have available, you can give us a call on 0434 413 679 or email, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


  • Battery  60V  15AH
  • Cells Samsung SDI  21700 50E
  • Motors – 1,000 Watt peak power single rear hub motor only.
  • Max Range – untested approx 60 kms. Cutoff 43v
  • Minimum Range – test to be conducted
  • Max speed – untested at 60 km/h approx (speed limited to 25 km/h for Australia)
  • Full charge – 67.2 vdc  Empty – 43vdc
  • Suspension: no  suspension
  • Lights: front headlight plus rear stop brake light.
  • Brakes – X-Tech disc brakes – (Front & Rear)
  • Rotors: X-Tech front and rear.
  • Kickstand standard
  • Electronic brake available
  • Cruise control option
  • Throttle control – thumb throttle
  • CNC machined brass bell included.
  • Tyres – 10″x 3.0″ tube tyres – Pressure – 35psi recommended. Brand: Touvt 80/65-6
  • Tubes – Touvt 10 x 2.5 – 90 degree valves
  • Standard charge time – standard with scooter (1.7 amp): 16-17 hours
  • Side deck charge connection , 110V & 220V charge cords included.
  • Fast charger option (4.4 amp)  – 6-7 hours
  • Deck measurements: unknown
  • Rear footrest placement measurements: unknown
  • Dimensions – L:1130mm x W:168 x H:1070mm
  • Packing box dimensions – L: 1200mm x W:210mm x H: 600mm
  • Water resistance rating: IP unknown
  • Warranty person weight limit – 120 kgs ( +120kgs cant be riding hard or jumps, above 120kgs we recommend changing suspension to firmer springs)
  • Scooter weight 23 kg, Box weight 25kgs
  • Laser engraved individual identification plate: to be confirmed
  • Accessory Options: to be confirmed.
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